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Wish you were… hear!

It’s all go at Giant Tours!  The story is being scripted, the guides are learning their lines, and the postcard publicity has arrived and will be winging its way to schools later this week.  Here’s a sneak preview…

Building a giant’s insides

Determined to get our science right, we decided to build a replica of a giant body on the floor using various materials and rehearsal props that we found lying around MakeBelieve Arts. Our first attempt, although colourful and inventive was anything but accurate.

'Colourful and inventive, and anything but accurate...'

Thankfully Dr Ranj was on hand to help us create a masking tape replica of a giants innards.

'Thankfully Dr Ranj was on hand...'

Giant Tours – the biggest trip you’ll ever take

Last week was an exciting time in the MakeBelieve Arts rehearsal room as Trish, Ross and Alice were joined by award winning designer Ian Teague and resident doctor for the BBC, CBBC and Newsround, Dr Ranj. The week was spent mapping out the inside of a giants body, improvising various scenarios to discover the character of the Mademoiselle  Liver – the body’s own chef, and discovering the story of the industrious red blood cells, speeding around our bodies to ensure our oxygen gets delivered. We had great fun recreating the covert white blood cells, security guards of our bodies, patroling the internal highways on the look out for bugs. The project, funded by the Wellcome Trust is currently booking, and will tour around schools in London throughout November.